May 5, 2011

kids clothes week spring 2011

I really needed this boost to start sewing spring and summer clothes for the girls, there are so many great great ideas, patterns and tutorial that I am dying to try, and others that I adore and want to make new ones as well. So, I have decided to join this challange =) by Elsie Marley. I am browsing some great tutorials knowing that finally I am going to use my cottons that I bought for the girls =D.
All the clothes will be added to the Flickr groop as well as posted here.
I do hope that with my crawling baby I'll be able to do so (well, if not an hour a day it will be few hours in the night :p).

If you are joining as well, go through my Links to love , there are so many great sewing ideas for kids!

Much love

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