May 11, 2011

kids clothes week #3

These fabrics were waiting for such a long time for me to decide what am I going to do with it. When my girl asked me to make her this dress, I knew it will be great to try the Button up bloomers from Sewing In No Mans Land by Kelly Crawford for baby Alona (I was so pleased with the result, that I immediately went to cut some more fabrics for it =D).

The top is also from the butterfly dress pattern, only I shorten it and closed it up with self made bias tape from the dame fabric.

**runnig away from camera

This is really easy and fast to make, the outcome is so great for babies to wear, I highly recommend this =).

Much love


  1. Gorgeous model! And lovely outfit!

  2. Oh, my goodness, this outfit is adorable!

  3. i'm not keeping up with your pace..he he
    the 3 last outfits are gorgeous and Alona looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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