May 15, 2011

kids clothes week #7

Today is the last day?? Already?!?! Who stole my time from me? =D I am so happy I took the challenge and joined this KCWC. I got such great inspiration, had fun sewing time in my studio, got to use my fabrics finally, AND the girls has cute Mama made clothes to wear now =).
Last night I stayed up late and got to sew two more dresses (Yay!) I am not done ones this challenge is over, I have many more to go ;).

The set in this post is great for babies! The top is the Prudenrbaby Snappy Toddler Top, and bottoms are again the Button up bloomers from Sewing In No Mans Land. 

I love this brilliant pattern, the outcome is just too cute and very comfy for the tiny ones =)

both patterns are free to download and with step to step tutorials, you should give it a go!

Much love


  1. So pretty! I wish I could make things like this.

  2. this one is by far the cutest...until no.8 comes along, i'm sure (-:


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