May 12, 2011

kids clothes week #4

I bought this fabric right after I got my Serger as a gift =). I love this color so much. I had in plan to make myself a top out of it, and so I did cut the fabric for my top. The lefties looked perfect for baby Alona tunic top. Unfortunately, my serger is not working well :( and I had to sew it with my regular sewing machine (don't like knits there he he).

After I was done with the top, I saw I had enough for tights pants as well. When I was finished, I thought it was missing something, and after adding the white band I am absolutely happy with it =).

There is no pattern really, I just cut the fabric and prayed for the best (he he).

This project took me 20 min. =) I bet that with serger it would even take less :p..

look who is growing way fast than her mama would like :)

I did make another spring skiet for my girl, but I guess that I will upload it tomorrow (so hard to get them to pose =p)

I love watching the KCWC pool so many great clothes!!!

Much love

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