May 14, 2011

kids clothes week #6

Wow, time is running fast!!! I can't believe this week is almost over..
Finally I was using my fabrics for the girls clothing, I am happy about it, since it was one of my new year's resolution, to use all of my existing fabrics instead of running to buy new ones.

Anyways, this time (again for the forth time ;)) I have made Prudentbaby pretty party dress for baby Alona, but made it out of more casual looking fabrics for everyday use. Now, baby Alona grew out of this pattern, so I had to enlarge it by just a bit, (pray as well) and lucky enough it fits great =).

Also, Made her tiny bloomers to match (but after seeing these pics, I know she will wear them apart :p).

For my bigger one I made the "easy no-hem skirt". 

I have to make them both with the same fabrics no matter what, since my bigger one notice it all, and calculate her Mama's making all the time ;).

One more day to go =)

Much love

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