Dec 31, 2008

I need air, but , the special one please

I have not even started thinking about my new year resolutions…
All I know is that I do wishes in my heart for some peace.
Peace in my heart, peace at my home, peace to my family and for our
Country’s future peace at the middle-east.
me made by ooty
me made by ooty1
me made by ooty2
And, as for myself… I have many things to think of – the past few months were crazy
With all kinds of changes. Very major changes in my life and I have to get into some conclusions.
me made by ooty3
This just got out of the kiln, and fits well the current condition, that I am just waiting for some air.
Just want to rest from time to time, to stay relax without all these worries…. Oh well, I don’t want it to be a gloomy blog today, I want to say that among all that is happening, the love around me does gives me a great comfort.
Stay safe!!
Much love

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  1. Good that the positive things still balance out the negative ones! Hope you find some 'space' and 'air' in 2009. Everyone needs that! :)


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