Dec 12, 2008


Weekend is finally here!!!
Not that I am actually gonna get the chance to have some rest, but I know I will have a great quality time with my friend, and I know I will see people that I love which will comfort me.
Today I am going for a ‘Girls day at the CLAY Spa’ which should be great break from life for couple of hours of relaxation.

I am feeling much better but have not got the chance yet to get into the studio today…hopefully I will do so tomorrow because I do want to get some things done before the holidays are here.


This is ‘Calabash’ pumpkin look alike sculpture that I made for my friend. In the Feng Shui it is known (because of its shape) for its healing qualities and getting bad energies away from us into it.
Have a great weekend
Much love

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  1. LOVE the sculptures, beautiful! Have a lovely time at the CLAYspa and enjoy the weekend :0)


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