Dec 16, 2008

It's studio time

I was planning to have my studio time today – warned everybody around that I am not coming out of there until I am done with my plans….BUT, as soon as I entered the studio I’ve noticed that I ran out of white clay lol.


Oh well, instead of working, I went shopping for some art supply which is always great fun!!! I love the smell of the clay shop, every time I get there I act like a little girl in a candy shop – - - I want it ALL (lol)
Off to work now =)
Much love


  1. You do beautiful ceramic work. I taught a pottery class about 15 years ago. But I still love the look an really miss throwing clay. there really is nothing better than forming something beautiful from a pile of dirt. thasnk for following my blog, I am glad that I found yours :) Tammy

  2. Ohh, you know I love clay too! :)
    I can't wait to get a kiln and start buying and expirimenting with engobes and stains a bit more...


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