Nov 9, 2010

I Guess

you have already noticed by now, THIS is very addictive hehe =D

 Things are so so so (so very) busy around the house. My husband is on his duty, beside the fact that I really don't like to stay alone at the house, and being alone with the girls, there is lots of after schooling activity this week, and I think that baby Alona is having little growing jump which means she needs to be fed a lot more than what I have got used to. BUT, I am not complaining, I still found the time for studio crafting, lots of sewing machine time (yeh yeh Rag quilt addicts!!!) and lots of new reading from my first grade girl (<3) and lots of eating baby Alona cheeks time =D

Hope to get some photos for you sooooooon =)

Much love

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  1. I know what you mean about staying alone in the house... I hate when my someone has to go away on duty... Hang in there :)
    Glad you still manage to find time for you addiction!


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