Nov 12, 2010

Fabrics touch up for Girly room decor #2

I love working with cork! And cork boards are so easy to transfer into lovely girly stuff for useful room decor. 

-Here is super easy Jewelry stand from cork board. Making it is as simple as follow:
1) place the board on your fabric and trace its outline with a pencil, and add about 2 inches at outline for folding and attaching allowance and mark this new outline with a pencil.
2) cut your fabric according to the new outline.
3)place your fabric right side down, place the board on top of your fabric right side down as well. fold the fabric outline "frame" to the back of the board and staple it to the board as much as you need for it to stay tight in place.
4) now you can use these little question make hook shapes or simple plastic tacks for your Jewelry placing.
(I went to my husband work tools =D and found lots of stuff that I thought were great for this purpose )
and you're done =)

And, this is her note board that I have shown you here before.

Also made out of cork board, Only here, I sewed some pockets and decoration little things on the wanted fabric =)

Much Love


  1. Very cute! I've just been thinking I need to make a jewelry holder for myself.

  2. These are great ideas! So cute!


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