Oct 16, 2010

Rainbow Cake

Since I am a great fan of Macrobiotic food, food coloring is not something you will find in our daily menu. So when me and my daughter first saw this, I had some mixed emotions on making this. And, then I have decided why not it is only one time a year and she looked so happy while watching it =D so I went ahead and made her this one. I must say it is very quick and easy process. The only thing is that if you make it a day ahead the layers pressing each other and might look thinner (a lot)than they were before.

much love


  1. oh my! That´s so lovely! Is it a lot of work? i wish i got a birthday cake like this when i was a child!

  2. I'm not big on food coloring either... But the cake is very cheerful, so I'm sure your daughter had a rainbow smile all over her face :)

  3. Oh My goodness Ooty, what an amazing cake!!xo

  4. that's one colorfull and happy cake - just like Gili <3


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