Oct 30, 2010

Back to Life


This was such an awful week! I was in bed all day long. BUT it had a real GOOD start =) My birthday was such a fun lovely family time, I really needed that and missed us all being out together.
At the end of this lovely day, I fainted (ouch!!!!) and took me about a week to get back to normal and being able to run wild around again =D.

even tiny one is happy =)

So so so happy to be back again! Many things are on my "To Do" and I can't stand another day of delay! (he he)
Hoping to share with you sooooooooooon.

Much love


  1. OH You poor thing. But so glad you are feeling better!! xo

  2. Happy birthday lovely lady!
    I hope everything is happy and healthy and fun in your world.
    I hope you get time to make lots of gorgeous things and to hang out and enjoy those beautiful girls.

  3. gorgeous photos ~ sorry to hear your week wasn't good. happy birthday for the beginning :)

  4. Oh Ooty, sorry to hear you were down sick, and that you fainted! You need to give yourself some much needed R&R sometimes!! Glad you're back and better :)

  5. Happy birthday! Hope you feel better! Those pictures of you girls are so lovely and beautiful!


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