Oct 3, 2010

Changing mat

I am Using fabric left overs, and little towels as a comfy changing mat =). It is very easy and quicky project, I made several of them, for about every corner around the house... (I don't know why but for some reason I keep on getting tiny and little towels gifts for the new born...I have now little factory and I am looking for projects to use it =D) 

(I also added little green elastic to make rolling and closing easier)

Much love


  1. Great idea! It's funny how we all seem to get the same thing when we have a bub - I received a million babygro suits! ;) Enjoy this time. Kx

  2. Very cute and crafty! I love the colours and will remember the handy piece of elastic when I need to make a gift for a newborn.

  3. Very nice. Love the vibrant green. I made one too from some thrifted fabric I had around. Such a great gift and so easy to make! xo m.

  4. The elastic thingy idea is brilliant! You should make some sort of a quilted towel with all those tiny towels you received... Just a thought...

  5. Great way to use the extras in a special way!

  6. How cute! Wish I had one of those pretty ones when I Lily was little.


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