Oct 2, 2010

Done =)

Finally, I was being able to sew this weekend and finish some projects that I had to send out to friends already.It all we super quick and easy, The hardest part was to get this little time alone in my studio =D.

First I did what I really enjoy which is the best Nursing cover tutorial on the web by Prudent baby =)I just make mine reversible.

As you can tell..I loooooooooove this fabrics combination =D)

Much love


  1. I love that fabric and I love what you've done with it!
    have a happy weekend.

  2. It's gorgeous! I love it. Like Kate I'm loving the fabrics.xo

  3. Those two fabrics are so pretty, and go so well together! You did a great job! I am so glad you got to have the time alone in your studio :)


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