Oct 16, 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Day 7

I love this challenges weeks, (thanks to Elsie Marley blog :)). It give me just the right push that I need to get started.
Actually, when I first saw the dates I thought I wouldn't be able to join in, since it is our holidays now, but, somehow I did manage to get my sewing/crocheting time each and every night. and I am thankful for that.

Last night, FINALLY, I got to sew what I was planning on sewing first :D.

As usual, not a chance to get a good photo out of this busy working toddler.

I have made this jacket before for my girl, but when I saw this beautiful wool fabric, I knew I will sew it again for my tiny one.
Pattern is from DMK (you know I adore all of her patterns).

If you'd like to see more of KCWC making, please visit the flickr pool.

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