May 9, 2010

You see i see

My Photo Blog with Laura
"Two ladies,two camersa, two views, One world"

You must enter YOU SEE I SEE photos project's blog!! This project is collaboration between two female photographers friends. One is Tali,photographer & designer living in Tel-Aviv, Israel and the other is Laura English
military wife & photographer living in Germany at the moment. This blog shows images from both photographers based on the same given subject in advance. The subjects for the list are chosen by the lovely readers of the blog, and it is very interesting to see what they both come up with.
How different their point of few and yet sometimes so similar =).
I highly recommend for you to check this out and add it to your reader it is beautiful and fun to see.

Much love


  1. i follow her and her photos are amazing, on a regular basis...and this project is so inlightning.

    have a great day darling (-:

  2. Oh Ooty, that's so awesome of you to post about our project!! Thank you so much, and I am so glad you like it enough to tell your readers about it :) Happy (American) mother's day :)

  3. That sounds interesting indeed, I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the tip!


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