May 2, 2010

Keeping myself busy =)

Around six months ago I went with my friend Yael Yaniv to the city for some supply shopping. I love this kind of shopping, and as usually, I buy not only what I need, but what I think I'll need, What I might learn how to work with and so on =D.
So it happened to be that I bought some vintage style belt buckles, ribbons and bands =).

Since I spent lots of time at home these days, I keep myself busy in so many ways (and loving every minute of it =D). I finally got to make myself nice belts!!!

Don't forget last day to enter my sweet giveaway =)
Much love


  1. the one with the shell and pearls is amazing.
    maybe this friday we'll find some more nice things for you to play with (-:

  2. Ahh, bliss! Nothing beats supply shopping and getting things you had not planned! :)

  3. Ooo I love supplies too! I do exactly the same thing and have waaay too much stuff ;) Love your belt. Kx


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