May 17, 2010


Big fake smile =D I do NOT like the way I look this pregnancy... Last time I was loving it and now, I am hiding away from any camera that is around. I do not really wanna see myself like this... Oh well - since I can't really make any changes now =D I do try to stop complain continuously about it =D so sorry for all of you around me that needs to hear it out again =D.

Anyway, we are going for the holiday for a little getaway in the city of sun, should be great fun!!! Hope I'll have lots of great things to share =)/
Until than, I will post some of my latest works that came out of the kiln.

Much love


  1. איזו יפיפיה, אני לא מבינה על מה את מדברת.
    יש לך מקומות להמליץ לי לקנות שמלות?
    תהני בחופשה שלך.
    חג שמח

  2. darling-you look amazing and i for one love that belly of yours (and you)...but hang in a little bit more LOL
    maybe i'll get to see today?

  3. You look absolutely beautiful, Ooty! And your belly is looking fab too! :)

  4. Thanks but I feel so heavy and the hit waves do not help out =D Yael you are more than welcome

  5. what are you talking about? You look utterly gorgeous!! xo

  6. To me you look like a beautiful blue goddess! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing holiday xo

  7. You're beautiful!! You have such pretty round belly!! Embrace it before it's over...
    BTW, you have to let me photograph you, you will love yourself I promise! (after all, that's what I do...)


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