Apr 24, 2010

Sewing try#2 making child's Artist Smock from a man's shirt

When I first saw this amazing blog "The idea room", I saw this post about making child's Artist Smock from a man's shirt. I looooooooved it!!! And I kept telling my mom that she must make my girl one =D!!! Well, you know how life are, thing follow another and you forget about some plans. So, now, when I've got my own sewing machine and after my first try =D I have decided to give this project a chance all by my self (and knowing well that my mom will and can fix it if I go wrong =D). This was great experience with my sewing maching and I am very pleased with my second sewing attempt =).

And here, is little happy one (who actually was not willing to model =D).

Much Love


  1. Love the idea.. I can't sew at alll...

  2. ווא-נכנסת לזה חזק...
    אמרתי לך שזה ממכר

    יצא לגילי חלוק מגניב ועכשיו אני רואה אותך מסתערת על פרוייקטים סקצב מסחרר (-:

  3. Ohh, super! What a fab idea to recycle old shirts!
    I'm so happy to have my own machine too now so I'll hope I can show some neat stuff too - after all the failures of course! :)
    Happy weekend!

  4. VERY cute! And your daughter sure seems to like it! :)


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