Apr 27, 2010

My Flickr faves of the week

I have got a new Virus =D And, it is the sewing one!!! My mosaic this week is a little wishlist of mine for this fresh new sewing fun of mine.

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If you like to play this week, make your mosaic and jump over to lovely ARTMIND , it is great fun!!!
So, have a super great day

Much love


  1. Yes, I have that virus, too :)) Lovely mosaic!

  2. Oh yes, be very careful!! That sewing virus is addictive especially when you get bitten by the fabric but LOL. I totally want that Hello Kitty sewing machine! So cute. Great mosaic :)

  3. Oops that was supposed to be 'bitten by the fabric bug' not 'but' *grin*.

  4. I knowwwwwwww this Hello kitty is just too cute =D I don't think we have it around this country though so it might just stay a dream =)

  5. Everyone can see your virus from this mosaic :) You don't need to talk about it :D

  6. For my 12th birthday, I received a sewing machine... knowing how to handle a needle has been very useful for me in this last 12 years of ballet recital, toe shoes ribbons to sew, handsewn skirts and scene costume.

    You're making my virus active again...argh!

  7. What a very cute sewing machine. I'm afraid I'm already addicted. :) I can't wait to start my next project but I need to practise sewing straight first! LOL :)

  8. Oh I love that sewing machine:)))

  9. Well... I don't really have that virus, but I admire the works of the ones who have it! Happy mosaic!

    And I just entered your giveaway ;)

  10. Oh, I *must* get back to my sewing machine soon. It's been a little neglected recently! Thanks for the inspiration x

  11. What a cute collection of photos! Love your new "virus" :)


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