Apr 22, 2010

My Creative Space

Finally, I had some diverse action in my space this week =) As I said here before, I has my first sewing matching try - and I think there is a new addiction on the way!!! I must say that sewing is all thanks to my online friends who share and show there lovely work , which made me want to actually do something =).

Also, I have finally finished the new baby girl blanket I started. This one took some time because I was crocheting it in "shells" and it did take some time.... but now I must say I am very pleased with it.
I added booties in matching colors and now I am working on poncho to finish this set =).

For many more lovely spaces please jump over to Kootoyoo who host this darlin' game =).

Much love


  1. i just adore this set (maybe i'll get addicted to those (now that there are so many expacting friends

  2. oh my, I wanna say is Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
    they are so adorable! All the best with the sewing, Ooty dear. :)

  3. This set is beautiful.

    Good luck with the sewing Ooty.

  4. your shells look great! and what a cute set it'll be.
    wondering what you will sew next :)

  5. Oh that looks so cute!
    A baby girl...sigh...I better go, I'm getting clucky.

  6. Your set is beautiful. Have you been playing along still, I have been missing you.x

  7. I love the little pink set. Those tiny shoes are adorable.

  8. So sweet!! You did a wonderful job I love it....


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