Apr 20, 2010

My Flickr faves of the week

Today is the national independence day of Israel. 62 Years old =D and for many more to go!!! The Mosaic is all about Israeli sweet handmade artists that I like from Etsy. I am Going to celebrate with my family at my parents house, my mother just got back from the States and we missed her way too much =)

If you like to play this week, make your mosaic and jump over to lovely ARTMIND , it is great fun!!!
So, have a super great day

Much love


  1. Happy Independence Day! I hope you have a great celebration with your family.

    They are certainly some sweet finds from Etsy. The fabric cubes are cute!

  2. Happy celebrations! :)
    I meant to ask you, do you know a shop called 'around the block' in Israel?

  3. ooh these are so cute. hope yo had a lovely day today.
    i ate too much :-(

  4. Such cute photos!! And I hope you had a lovely celebration to :)


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