Mar 18, 2010

My Creative Space

My little one loves terracotta clay!!! I can't agree more with her =D it is such a fun messy time to play with this clay.
When I work with that clay, usually it is for red glazed items or really big structured sculptures. But this time, my little one wanted to work with me in my studio, so I have decided to give this clay a try making my "tiny village" items. I can't wait for it to get dry and start painting them for first fire – this should be  total surprise for me to see the outcome =) (I hope it will be nice one)!

If you'd like to see lots of great other spaces or/and join, go over to kootoyoo and read all about it.
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  1. Very very cute. What a nice thing to do with your child! xo m.

  2. Visiting all the kootoyoo creative spaces and oh my, those tiny village pieces are whimsical, like in storybooks. Lovely!

  3. That looks very exciting, and such a nice thing to do with someone special!

  4. Lovely!!! I'll be back to see it painted!

  5. wow super cute!
    I want to see them finished!!

  6. these look great! love the organic shapes.

  7. gorgeous!
    i love a project that can be done with the littlies :)

  8. You glaze then before the first firing?
    Your tiny village are so cute! I'm sure your little one loves playing along! :)


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