Sep 21, 2009


Finally!!!!! it was raining!!! I honestly forgot when it was last raining here, Israel is so dry - I mean crazy dry!
we barley have drinking water sources.. so finally it came, it was raining! I was so Happy the air smelled sooooooooooooooooooo good.
my little zoo at home ran outside and for the 827365872354723654723654 time turned over my yard into &*^&^%$%^#@#!!!
BUT, I was so happy and fresh felt because it was raining that i didn't mind it as i might today because i must clean it by now =D.
here are my fav "Rain" Etsy searches =D.

Little Storm Clouds - Handmade White Gold Earrings

Much love


  1. Thanks for your comment! I would love to see your packaging sometime as well, I love how all the packaging on etsy is so different & creative.

    Congratulations on the rain! It does always smell lovely. And I love your etsy rain picks :)


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