Sep 12, 2009

Glass Flowers

Yesterday we had our monthly art and craft forum meeting. I love this group of gals! =D. I run this forum for over than 6 years, and still every meeting is better than the last, and always new things to do together.
Each meeting we trade something, arts, crafts, gifts, or knowledge and techniques (well and many more!!)
Yesterday, we had lots of fun!!!
First, we celebrate B-day to Yael Yaniv and we all made something personal to gift her (lucky girl!! I hope she'll find the time to post it all ). And after Yael's gifts, we all trade gifts with each other which is always great fun!!
And, here are the little gifts I have got:

All of my gifts  by you.

Olivia's Apple by you.

Sima's card by you.

Sima's card by you.

Effie's Keys Holder by you.

Yoni's Magnet note pad by you.

Idit's polimer clay rolls by you.

Yael Yaniv's Magnets and card by you.

And we all made together Glass Flowers - very colorful!!! ( I will try to post all steps to make such flowers)

Glass Flowers by you.
I love these meetings! It is so great meeting lovely ladies who share love to each other and love to all handmade creating, I can’t wait for our next one!!!

Much love

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