Sep 27, 2009

Cake Control

I can't help it!!!! I am a very loving cakes person!
The problem is that it is not only me, but my husband and my daughter are even worse than I am.
So, my house is like a little cakes factory.
I never really likes being in the kitchen, but when my little one turned 3yrs old, she would beg me
to cook and bake with her, she loves it so much, and thanks to her (well my husband thanks her the most=D) I am back in the kitchen ever since.
And as I said, cakes are big Issue around the house =D, and with this holidays season it is a new cake every day!!!!
which is great fun for her, and for our guests, and well for our coffee and tea breaks, BUT really not good for
my wardrobe!! knowing myself I am not the kind of person that would make it into some controls diet plan, but I really do need to ease on cakes!! Soooooooooooooooo, I have decided to put my self on ease on cake test, and see if I can keep decant weight while less eating cakes =D.

How about you , what is your sin food?

Much love


  1. ooh i know what you mean -my biggest sin is chocolate
    i'm trying to keep as far as i can from chocolate these days...but everyone asks for some truffles - so i limit my self for licking the leftovers LOL and made a new year's resolution - start training - keep your fingers crosed for me...

  2. Sure I will dear, I am in the same spot ya' know!! =D

  3. My sinful pleasure is ice cream! And what's worse is that my new apt. is just around the corner from one of the best ice cream parlors in Tel Aviv... I find myself there every other night just before they close at midnight, trying to sneak in a scoop or two...


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