Sep 9, 2009

Almost here..

Holiday is almost here!!! Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year!!!
So I am very excited to get on with a new year because the past one was very harsh on me!
I am all hopes for better time in all!!
I am busy working for some sales and also lots and lots of gifts that we usually trade during this holiday.
new year lavender wax
These are Lavender waxed bees that I have made, =0) for a lovely fresh scent around the house when warming.
I will be giving this inside my gifts that soon will be in the kiln for glazing and I will show you the results!!!
Much love


  1. yay for new years, it's great to have the chance for a new start!
    these are so sweet ~ they look lovely next to your bold logo too :)

  2. wow! The little bees are really cute!


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