Mar 12, 2011

Another pair =)

I am so happy to say, that I AM actually following my new year's resolutions (as in crafting =)), weight watch, and such are still heavy on the list ...) But, as for my Fabric growing collection, I have decided to USE all of my fabrics and not to get cheap on them =D. I can always buy more if I'll run out of it =). So, this fabric is mixed wool with tiny glitters, I love it, and kept saving it for the right time. After my little asked me to make her "lots and lots of pants" as her Jeggins, I have decided that this fabric is perfect for that.

She says it is super comfy and did not want to take them off at night =D.

And guess what, I still got plenty of this fabric left (yay!)

Pattern is from DMK.

Much love

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