Dec 18, 2010

Tiny baby Jacket

Winter is here!! Well, not a REAL seriously winter but, in Israel terms it is winter now (Finally =D).
I've made this tiny one for my own tiny one =) she was born 4 months ago when it was super hot summer, and I didn't feel like buying such warm wintry clothes at that time (big mistake because now they are hard to find at all sizes...)
Lucky me I found this cute little pattern shop and went right ahead to make her this cute Cardi/Jacket.

The tiny Diva would not let me get a proper photo of her he he ;)

much love


  1. So cute jacket and a dot fabric are tooooooo cute :)

  2. thanks I too love this fabrics combo =)

  3. I was looking at your lovely jacket, weighing up the likelihood of kid co-operation in these parts (the Smallest seems to prefer to spend winter naked). Best of luck with your four month Tiny Diva!!

  4. It's adorable! What a great pattern.

  5. Ooty, I don't think you need to buy your girls any cloths again, you make them so well, that you simply need to have a stock of fabrics, and just make a garment whenever they need one!

  6. your best work (so far) - love the ruffled edge and the colors are beautiful.

  7. It is very cute, I like the cuffs. Thank you for your encouraging comment today :-)


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