Dec 25, 2010

Furry Girly Vest

How sweet is that for little girly girls?? I actually made this one as a gift to my friend's daughter, but my girl would not let go of it - so I must make a new one for gifting =P. I must say though, this fake furry fabrics are such a mess my house looked like if there was a huge chicken fight over here...yack! (good thing it is cleaning day tomorrow he he)
I used this lovely tutorial as general guide (only I left the sleeves open for pulling vest right side out), and for the pattern I used one of my girls tops and folded it on the fabric, this is very simple fast one - and the girls love it!

Much love

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  1. SWEET!!! even better than i imagined it.
    now you have to take one with gili wearing it!!!


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