Aug 20, 2010

Stroller mat

As much as my spare time is narrowing, I still can't get away from my studio =D, I guess it is the crazy summer that we are having here, that brings all these muses within. Since I did not sew anything since I gave birth (2 weeks from today =)) I have decided to make something that will be both fun and easy project and also very needed one. So, instead of going to buy new cushion for NB stroller, I have decided to make one myself.

I saw in all online shops that it is better to sew towel for lower layer to prevent sweating and stains on stroller.
I am pretty happy that I was able to actually get some sewing time again =)
And for many more to come =D)

Much love


  1. הבד הזה משגע והמוזה שלך בשילוב הידיים המוכשרות שלך - מדהים!!!מלכה!!!! זהו אין לי מילים יותר

  2. Good for you for still finding some creative time. Love the stripes!


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