Aug 6, 2010

The PANEL bag

After was not being able to move around, I got up yesterday all good as new =D (on one hand - Oh no , not any sign of baby wanting to join us...) But, on the other hand, I was pleased with being able to move around, since I have received this great great giveaway from Nicole from You SEW Girl that I won
(my first ever winning around web land =)) yay!! ).
This PANEL bag pattern is so much fun since you've got lots
and lots of possibilities to go on with this lovely bag.
I decided to start with something rather easy =)
It was challenging for me, since it is: 1)my first time that I
actually follow a pattern =D 2)my first zipper
sewing =) =D.
I have learned a lot from this first one for my
next ones =))
I can't wait to start and play with this pattern.
Thank you thank you for giving me this chance to win 
(and to win!!!) this lovely lovely giveaway!!!

This cute Japanese I got from my mom, 
she had only small piece lucky me it was enough

Inside view, lot of room!!! Lots of pockets,
 just like I like it =)

Brown fabric is from my dear friend who cleaned
 her studio, and I won lots of goodies =D

I hope you like this one - I know I will be making it over again in a different way =)

Much love


  1. So glad you've enjoyed using the pattern! Well done.

  2. It's gorgeous Ooty!! Love all the fabrics together. xo

  3. It looks amazing!! I've been thinking of you. Can't wait for this little one to come out too, no sign that she wants to come out either. Love and belly blessings! xo m.


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