Aug 10, 2010

Kids Wall Art

I can't remember this HOT summer in here for the longest, yes it is a warm (very warm) country, but this past month was CRAZY hot!!! I could barely breath outside.

Anyway, since it is summer vacation, we were so narrowed with our outdoor activities due to this weather. We go to the beach, swimming pools, different slides and water parks, BUT also needed to find any other non-water activity that MUST include AC.
So, we had on our list Movie theater, some indoor playgrounds and IKEA =D 
Yeh! Ikea! I took the my girl with her cousin to Ikea,last week, we looked for frames to decorate their rooms, also bought some nice kids decoration pillows, plus bonus kids play that happened to be played there , so they had a great time with Ice creame for the finalla =D (Oh and - so did I!) We came back home straight to my studio to work on the pictures for the new frames.

Here is some of the art wall the girls put together. I did not get to photo it all, I guess I will do so when it will be placed on their walls. It was fun activity with them, used fabrics lefties for it - and they were kept busy =)

Much love

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  1. Huge congratulations and mazel tov on Alona! Gorgeous name, beautiful baby. I wish you and your family so much happiness. X
    ps. the frames look great.


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