Nov 22, 2011

Cooler Days, yay:)

Winter is almost here :) (oh yeh I am super happy about it - it was way too hot in here). Things are so busy around here that I get little to no blogging at all. My creative space has to do mostly with crocheting. This is the only thing I can get done without my tiny one destroying it he he.
I have several new project I want to photo and share with you, but for now - since I am happy about my days getting cooler :) here is few shawls I made finally for myself.

This was actually, was one of my very first projects I did when I self learned to crochet, and turned out to be one of my fave scarf to wear. I had to fix some it this week :).

This one I also wear as a scarf, loves how quickly I get warm with it.

And, this is very first actual adult super size :-D shawl, I couldn't resist this pattern when I first saw it. Very fun to crochet at cooler nights <3.

<3 <3 <3 
Soon to come - my 3 yrs blog b-day Giveaway:)

Much love

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