Dec 1, 2009

My Flickr favs of the week

1. Birthday Celebration, 2. Just Alone, 3. Great idea, 4. Untitled

I am having a bit of a rollercoaster emotional time lately, and I know I shouldn't, but I guess I am old fashioned one, and never get used to the un-kind type version of human..

So, while feeling seriously sad n' bad about others ugly behavior, I found this lovely group on flickr called "BE KIND TO OTHER PEOPLE" , always cheers me up to see that there are GOOD people around as well.

If you'd like to play as well and see some other lovely mosaics go to Artmind and read all about it.

Much love




  1. There are ugly people all over the world... unfortunately every now and then wwe bump into them... I suppose it is the universe's way to remind us we have to be nice... or that we are lucky to eb nice!
    Lovely flickr group and pics!

  2. I love the sentiment behind your mosaic.The ugliness of some people can get you down easily...don't let them win! Lovely mosaic

  3. keep your head up and believe in the goodness of people - don't let the negative ones get you down - good will come to those who deserve it (and you honey deserve it all)
    big hug

  4. Karma rules!
    Keep up the positive spirit!
    I love your mosaic! :)

  5. Have the patience and look at the good side, with these unkind people around, makes you see even better side of humanity. :)

    Sometimes I cannot take such attitude very well, but then, hey, being unkind is their problem, not mine. So I will just give this sadness away within a snap of finger and "Voila" my smile comes back.

    I had rough times these days, and seeing your mosaic makes me smile. :)


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