Dec 2, 2009

December short thoughts..

I can't believe it is December already…

I am having mixed emotion today about this time of the year. On one hand, I love it – I love the winter! I love to travel to Europe during that time of the year and pretend that I am a little girl living at the states again =). Love the christmas spirit feelings around, and my fav holiday Hanukkah is also during this time! On the other hand, I feel little sad that this year is about to end and I expected so many good things to happened to me personally and to my family and nothing much really did happened. maybe it is too early to be judging before the year ends – but I sure do hope I'll feel happier and live with peace within me.

Much love



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  1. Well
    i also have this moments for little thoughts.
    It ia hard when you have some expectations bu it just does'nt happen...
    the best would be not to have expectations and live life as it comes(carpe diem )
    but it is not easy!
    well, think positive, tomorro ia new day

  2. Oh hon, I hope you do cheer up. Even if what you hoped for this year takes a little longer to happen, if you believe it'll happen and do what you can for it to happen, it will, but in it's own time... Try to look at things from the fuller side of the cup ;)

  3. That song is beautiful and everyday is a new day. I am sure if you really thought about it you'd remember all the little blessings you have been given this year. Keep hoping and giving everything you have and you will be able to do anything you set your heart on. I truly believe that. xox m.


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