Apr 12, 2011

My Cozy Twister Tunic Top

While being with the girls after school days, I like to wear comfortable clothes! Running, lifting, releasing, gathering, singing, playing, cleaning and getting dirty, well you know it all - I want to be able to move free - And still look something like a Woman and not just as Mother =).
And while Weight loss is still an issue I am working on since giving birth, I was browsing for some nice patterns that will answer my needs (so far he he).

And this is why I really like this 'Twister dress' pattern. Very easy and quick to sew, each fabrics will give it a different 'twist' ;). I made from this pattern not only casuals and it is great! =) (One day I'll get photo..) It is VERY COMFORTABLE!!! 

Fabric: Light knit 15% stretch. Was really good bargain - I got around 4 m' from it =D. (I love the tiny glitters).

Much love


  1. i love to have a blouse like that...comfy and trendy at the same time (',)

  2. I love that pattern from Apfelbluete... it is definitely on my list! Compliments, the dress suits you so well and the fabric was a good choice.


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